Gruppeture og virksomhedsture

Our trips are not only for the hardiest culture lovers, but an opportunity for a learning experience for all ages.

All our guides have a background in culture, history or experience economy, and eager to convey Aarhus' impressive stories. Hence, you are guaranteed an experience out of the ordinary when you go on one of our walks through the city.

We make tours from 100 kr pr. person.

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Culture Walk
with personal guide

Our classic tour.
Can be held every day.

From 100 kr pr. person

Explore one specific quarter of the city

If you wish to see or hear more about one specifik quarter of the city, this is the right choice.
Come down to the harbour and hear about the exciting development of the area, or come to the University of Aarhus and take a walk in the beautiful University Park and hear about the occupation time during the Second World War.

From 120 kr pr. person

Unique Culture Walk with personal guide

Do you wish to participate in a Culture Walk, and have a tour focusing architecture or Food.Then this tour may be the right choice for you. We spice the tour up with a glass of wine and a presentation or make a detour in the beautiful Theater. Just how you may please.

From 120 kr pr. person

Are you interested? Send a mail to or contact us via phone under +45 42421925

During the eveningtours some of the sights and attractions can be closed and we cant look inside.

Hvornår går vi?

Culture Walk

På pletten foran Aarhus Banegård, banegårdspladsen 1, 8000 Aarhus
Varighed: 2 timer

  • 1100


Culture Walk

Hver lørdag kl 11

Mødested på pletten for Aarhus Banegård,
Banegårdspladsen 1, 8000 Aarhus
Forudbestil nu og spar 10%